The Principal

Welcome message from the principal

It is with immense pride and conviction that I welcome you to the Academy’s website and to an extent the Academy’s new learning campus. It truly is a sight to behold. I am more convinced than ever that the Academy is in a position to offer your daughter a first class education in every sense and one that meets the needs and demands of the 21st century. This is reflected in the doubling of the school roll and the regular positive feedback the Academy receives from the young people who attend and also from parents.

Prominent themes that the Academy prides itself on championing include discipline and the moral development of every young lady. As such the Academy expects all learners to be immaculately presented at all times, to walk with purpose and to achieve to a standard that reflects their ability. Community service is very important to the Academy and this is a value the Academy is keen to instill in all learners. In short, the Academy wants to ensure that your daughter is fully equipped in every sense to deal with whatever the future presents.

The Academy is now three years old and in that time has achieved so much and yet continues to progress at a significant rate. Indeed what the Academy has achieved in these three years takes some organisations a lifetime to achieve. This is the first year of learning and teaching at the new campus and already the impact is being felt. I implore you to arrange to visit the campus and engage in a tour – meet the Principal, speak to the staff, hear what the learners have to say, experience ‘home from home’ living. I am confident that this will lead to you making the decision to send your daughter to the Academy.

About the principal

Mr Stewart J. Cowden

Mr. Cowden was Head Teacher of an all-through School in Aberdeenshire, Scotland for 4 years. Consequently he has experience leading and managing a school for both primary and secondary pupils. Prior to this appointment Mr Cowden was Deputy Head Teacher of Blyth Community College in Northumberland, England for over 5 years and was responsible for raising pupil's achievements. By this time he had already been Deputy Head Teacher of Senacre Technology College in Kent, England between 2001 and 2004.
You can reach Mr. Cowden directly at or call +2348058735130