Facilities | Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls


We are very happy to take you around our facilities. Please go through the sections below for summary.
As the saying goes "Seeing is believing".
We encourage you to visit us to see for yourself.


Our fully air-conditioned classrooms are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and modern technology to make learning easier and more effective.

Science Laboratory

At Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls, our Science Laboratories are well equipped to help your daughter discover the potential within her.


Our library is fitted with ergonomically designed tables and chairs. We have a rich collection of books to build the academic, and social development of your child.

ICT Suite

Our ICT Suite is well equipped with the latest state of the art technologies and our approach to the Cambridge ICT curriculum encourages development of practical skills in industry.

Art Studio

Creativity is endless in Art. Our learners pride themselves in expressing their creative imaginations and views on the drawing.

Food Tech Lab

What's cooking?
Food Technology classes are usually exciting moments that our learners look forward to.


The Academy's boarding facilities meet the basic British standards for boarding schools. This implies that our boarding.


The Academy is located in a serene environment specially dedicated for Institutes and research by the Federal Government of Nigeria.


We ensure that your child has an excellent feeling of 'home away from home' especially when it comes to hygiene and quality of food.

Sports Centre

The all-round well-being of your daughter is our priority. Physical health is a cardinal aspect of our approach to giving your child a healthy lifestyle.


At the Academy, Security is a key concern. The entire campus is closed with high quality PTZ CCTV terminals to support the armed-security guards.

Counselling Unit

The counselling unit