Nigeria Studies | Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls

Nigerian Studies

At Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls, we believe in producing balanced graduates that are well-groomed and well-equipped with skills and knowledge for future leadership roles. The Academy offers a purely British curriculum alongside Nigerian and African studies.

This decision has helped in moulding our girls not only to become global leaders but to also have in-depth knowledge of Nigerian and African history, culture and tradition. While our girls are given world class education within the Nigerian border, the introduction of Nigerian and African studies is one of the ways of exposing our learners to some African/Nigerian content during their period in school.

The Department of African/Nigerian Studies at Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls actively seeks to make students aware of issues that shape the African and Nigerian communities in which they live, as well as communities throughout society.


African/Nigerian Studies Curriculum is designed to enable students to:

  1. Know our historical origin as a nation and acquire knowledge of how we evolved or migrated to where we are today and also to make learners have sound knowledge of various historical forces and roles of personalities that shaped Nigerian and African history.
  2. Prepare the learners for future leadership roles by equipping them with the knowledge and understanding of social, political and religious systems of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
  3. Inculcate spirit of patriotism, nationalism and Africanism.