BALLET & DANCE CLUB | Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls


BDC is a club that helps discover and nurture the skills, talents and potentials of learners through dance and ballet.

The club's objectives are:

  1. To create and maintain interest and love for ballet among learners.
  2. To develop a multifaceted physicality through training in dance techniques.
  3. Participation in rehearsal and performance process and collaborating with others.
  4. Studying and practice methodologies for translating written text and song into live performance.
  5. To integrate dance with choreography.
  6. To expose learners to competitions and presentations of ballet within and outside the school.

Benefits of the club include the following:

  1. Enhances physical, emotional and social skills.
  2. Personal development of skills and discovery of innate abilities.
  3. Instils the love of learning and growing
  4. Internalisation of confidence and boldness in learners.
  5. Exposure within and outside school through presentations, competitions and outings.

Activities/achievements so far include the following:
The following are our achievements so far:

  1. Learners have been able to show ballet techniques
  2. Learners can now display the various ballet positions
  3. Learners have been able to integrate dance with choreography
  4. Learners are currently working on a presentation towards the end of term.