Life in Boarding House

Noble Hall Leadership Academy is situated in a peaceful, serene and tranquil setting, 4.5 km away from the metropolis, the purpose-built residence flats provide a wonderful opportunity for Noble Hall Learners to experience a greater degree of independence and privacy, build self-esteem and reach their full potential in all areas to be a total person who is ready-made to take up leadership roles and face challenges and responsibilities in life.
The boarding house flats are available to resident who only are permitted to return home during mid-term breaks, exeats, or compulsory holidays observed by the government.
It is a comfortable place for learners to study, socialize and relax.

As adult mentors, caregivers and counsellors, the boarding team provide the daily support needed to meet academic, emotional, psychological and social needs of the students as well as cultivating the act of self-discipline, responsibility, leadership and independent thoughts.
One distinctive characteristic of Noble Hall Residents is that "respect, discipline and sense of community" is in the front burner which counts as much as academic achievement and a place where great value is placed on personal responsibilities and consideration of others. Leadership is at the core and forms the nucleus of everything we do at noble Hall.
Noble Hall residents follow a fixed schedule on weekdays.

The day starts with prayers and devotion and also within the residence hall premises, the learner can always practice their religion, followed by breakfast. After schools hours, the students take part in outdoor activities followed by prep/ study time and night cap.
Play time and outdoor sports include table tennis, basketball and soccer. Indoor games like scrabble, chess, monopoly, and other card games are also played. Students will also have some leisure time daily to watch news, sports on DSTV, read books or attend other personal chores. On weekends, in addition to regular study hours, students spend time on entertainment (such as in house talent shows, social excursions etc) at the end of progress checks. Once a term, at the discretion of the school management, learners may be given a treat out of campus for shopping, games, excursions, movies, etc.