Why Choose Us?| Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls

Why Choose Us?


We use Cognitive Assessment Testing [CAT4] to establish the academic potential of each girl and to inform targetted support.


The Academy provides targeted support to ensure that no girl is left behind or allowed to coast. The Academy ensures that every girl reads for real meaning by implementing the Lexile reading programme.


The Academy is an accredited Cambridge International Examinations school and ALL teachers of IGCSE are trained and certified.


The Academy provides progress checks every 6 weeks leading to the setting/reviewing of academic & personal development targets for and by each learner.


The Academy's boarding facilities meet the international standards for boarding schools. There are dedicated, focused and personalised parent-teacher meets throughout the year to review the progress of every learner.


The Academy provides a world class learning campus that meets international learning and teaching standards [COBIS accredited].


The Academy is the only accredited international day and boarding leadership school in Nigeria exclusively for girls by COBIS.


The classrooms are fitted with state-of-the-art equipments and technologies to make learning easier and very effective.


The Academy implements a British curriculum infused with Nigerian content leading to certification in Checkpoint and IGCSE.


The Academy is an ACCREDITED member of the Council of British Internal Schools [COBIS]. The Academy is also affiliated with AISEN, AGBIS, COBIS, ALA, Duke of Edinburgh Award and British Council.


Our extra-curricular activities are dynamically selected and tailored to build necessary skills and values.


Our 5 cardinal values guide our mission in raising leaders who will grow up to be excellent role models for the family and society.